Become a Farmtrue & Moona Veda Affiliate

Join Our Wellness Circle

Spread wellness, community, and Ayurveda with Farmtrue and Moona Veda! It’s a sincere conviction rooted in the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, one that inspires us to eat, live, and act with more care.  Join our community by becoming an Affiliate and earn 10% commission for every successful sale using your affiliate coupon code on Farmtrue and Moona Veda products.

How does it work?
Dive deep into the world of Ayurveda with our comprehensive resources, and expand your knowledge on holistic wellness.
Spread the word about Farmtrue's authentic Ayurvedic products and practices, enriching the lives of your community with natural well-being. Whether it be on social media, in person, at events, your website, your email marketing, and more - we can’t wait to meet your community!
Earn Income
Leverage your passion for wellness by earning commissions as you introduce others to the transformative world of Ayurveda through Farmtrue.  For every successful purchase made using your unique affiliate coupon code, your customers will receive a 15% discount on Farmtrue and Moona Veda products and you’ll earn 10% back in commission.  
Who are we?
Farmtrue and Moona Veda are rooted in the timeless principles of Ayurveda, and dedicated to nurturing health and harmony through our organic, sustainably sourced products. We believe in the power of nature to heal and balance, bringing ancient wisdom to modern living.
Who are you?
You are a wellness enthusiast, a believer in natural living, and an advocate for sustainable health practices, looking to make a positive impact in your community and beyond. You could be familiar with Ayurveda, holistic healing, herbalism, yoga, healthy cooking, and more! You’re passionate about sharing your wellness journey and want to help others do the same.
Are we a fit?
If you share our commitment to purity, wellness, and are inspired by the Ayurvedic way, joining the Farmtrue affiliate family could be the perfect synergy, uniting our visions for a healthier world.

Partnering with Farmtrue + Moona Veda

At Farmtrue, it is our unwavering commitment to be more connected – to ourselves, each other, and nature. Our community is everything to us. From hearing stories on how Ayurveda changed your lives, and success with our products, tips, and tricks that we’ve exchanged back and forth - we are here to walk side by side with you on your journey to wellness. Customers keep coming back because of our nourishing, organic Ayurvedic-based formulas, our stellar service, and our commitment to purity and handmade products.

Farmtrue Partners in Wellness

Wellness Industry
Welcoming partners such as Salons and Spas, Culinary professionals focusing on healthy eating and/or vegetarian cooking, and influencers, among others.
Yoga Community
Yoga enthusiasts, whether private teachers or studio owners, are encouraged to connect with us and explore the benefits of joining our affiliate program.
Health Practitioners
Health Practitioners (of all kinds!) - Ayurvedic counselors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritional therapists, holistic medicine practitioners, pre and postpartum doulas, chiropractors, personal trainers

What's Next?

Start your journey with us by submitting your application to become a Farmtrue influencer today.
Get Link
Once approved, you'll receive a unique affiliate link to track your referrals and successes.
Use your platform to share the transformative power of Ayurveda with Farmtrue and Moona Veda, and watch your community thrive.
FAQS About the Farmtrue Affiliate Program

How do I get credit for the sale? 

The coupon code that you’re provided must be used at checkout as this is how we track the sales activity.

Can you provide me with a link that has my coupon code directly attached to it? 

Yes!  You’ll tell us your preferred coupon code and we can give you a link that will add the coupon code directly to the user's cart.

When do I get paid? 

We send payouts quarterly. For example, after Quarter 1 (January, February, and March), you’d receive your payout in mid-April.

How do I get paid? 

We send out checks via mail.  Per federal and CT state tax laws, you will be receiving tax documentation for the payouts at the end of the year if earnings exceed $600.

What products are eligible for the discount and commission? 

Full-size Farmtrue and Moona Veda branded products are eligible for discount and commission.  Any non-Farmtrue or Moona Veda product purchased will be deducted from the sale before determining the commission.

Can my community combine my discount with any others that are available? 

Affiliate codes cannot be combined with any other discounts; only one discount can be used per order

What is the commission structure? 

10% of sales will be paid back to you as a commission quarterly via check

Commissions are calculated based on…

Farmtrue and Moona Veda branded product Sales minus any transaction fees, sales taxes, shipping, or any other business expenses; refunded or canceled orders will not be included in the commission payouts

Can I use the coupon code for myself?

Yes, but you will not receive a commission on that sale.  We determine that by the email address and billing address submitted via the order.

What products are NOT eligible for the discount and commission? 

Ineligible items include (but are not limited to) products marked on sale including bundles/kits, sample-sized products, subscriptions, gift cards, event registrations, and non-Farmtrue manufactured products such as Baraka Neti Pots, Garshana Gloves, Yeti Mugs, Elderlane Naturals, and Lotus Blooming Herb Supplements

Do you offer wholesale as well? 

Yes! If you are interested in opening a wholesale account with us in addition to or instead of becoming an affiliate, please reach out to us directly at for more information and pricing. Our wholesale order minimum is $100 and that can be reached with a combination of any of our products

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