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The dream of farmtrue began as an
adventure of health and healing.

There is a strong connection between our lifestyle choices and our health, and what we eat affects the wellbeing of our body, mind and spirit. At Farmtrue, there is a deep commitment to align people with food and self-care that is seasonally appropriate while connecting people to the source.


Kim and Lynn crossed paths on their journeys of wanting to eat better, sleep better, feel better, and live better.

The strong desire to heal, reconnect with nature, and live a more healthy and meaningful life led them both to seek a deeper understanding of the root cause of disease. The two California College of Ayurveda alumni formed a friendship through their studies and sharing experiences of life-changing teachings of Ayurveda. Together a partnership formed to bring the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to their families and community, beginning with the transformative power of ghee.

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Did you know?

Supporting family owned US Dairy farms is part of our mission

We partner with US Dairy Farms.

All of our butter is sourced from over 30 US Dairy farms that are family-owned, certified organic, and certified humane. Why is this important? The dairy industry in the US is experiencing challenging times. According to the USDA, more than 3,000 dairy farms closed in 2019. We are proud to support the farmers who have been there to supply a local source of food for us. This is especially relevant now as consumers are more aware of and concerned about the future food supply and the health of the US economy.

Our farmers are stewards of the land.

All of the farms that we partner with have high sustainability standards which include crop rotation, recovery periods, and grazing periods. The farmers also promote the health of the streams and springs on the farms ensuring an optimal growing environment. Another component of these standards is maintaining the health of the soil with regular testing to assess the nutrient components, soil structure, and microbial components. This makes for a healthier cow and more nutrient-dense butter that you can taste in our ghee!

We make our ghee from grass-fed butter.

Since we established our business in 2014, we have stayed committed to purchasing butter from US grass-fed cows. What does that mean exactly? We only make our ghee from the butter produced during the spring, summer, and fall ensuring that the cow was truly eating sweet grass. This is important for both the flavor of our ghee and also promotes the health and longevity of the cows. Grass-fed dairy is better for the environment and better for us. Studies have shown that grass-fed cows produce milk with higher Omega-3 fatty acids and higher conjugated linoleic acid than grain-fed cows. Not all grass-fed dairy has the same nutritional profile and flavor. Our farmers implement a very specific nutritional grass-feeding program for their cows, and that is very important to us.


Our partnerships with humane certified dairy farms in the Northeast USA are a huge part of our story. We’ve met the farmers, we know the cows, and they are very important to us. Farmtrue ghee starts with organic, unsalted butter from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows for the highest nutritional value and exceptional taste. Farmtrue operates a certified organic kitchen, ensuring that you will always receive safe, high quality, and consistent products. Everything we produce is made mindfully in small batches and hand-poured.

Meet our beloved cow, Moona!

Our ghee begins with the beloved cow. We have sourced our butter from farms that take the well-being of both the cow and the land very seriously. We do too! Since ancient times, the cow has been regarded as the most sacred animal in India, revered for her gentle spirit and giving nature. The cow must be protected and cared for, so we hold her with the highest gratitude and she is the heart of our logo. We are committed to aligning with US dairy farmers who care for and respect the cow as much as we do.

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Our Sanctuary

Set in the midst of North Stonington's countryside, we have built our own little sanctuary for creating healing Ayurvedic products and bringing a community of wellness seekers together.


One of our desires when starting Farmtrue was to stay as connected to the land as possible. Our connection to nature is what brings us closer to ourselves. We are so thrilled to have been able to start growing many herbs and flowers such as Gotu Kola, Lemon balm, Holy basil and lavender. From our soil to your home, we are honored to grow and nurture these plants.


Our passion is to spread the wisdom of Ayurveda and sharing this journey with our community.

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Products made by people

Our products are made by people instead of machines using simple methods such as stove top cooked, sifting, and blending. We hand pour and hand label every product which allows us to monitor the process closely to ensure that the products you order have been truly cared for.

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