Kapha Dosha

Water and Earth


“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” Robert Urich

The attributes of Kapha are born from the two elements of Water and Earth. The element of water is cool and soothing and provides the body protection from heat and movement. The element of earth provides structure and foundation that allows for growth, stability, and development.

"She is the calm, beautiful cow grazing contented with her calves on lush and fragrant fields of buttercups and grass. The primordial elephant who carries the pains and burdens of the earth is her mascot. The Kapha person is the classic synthesis of stoical grace, calm, and sensuality." - Maya Tiwari

A Note on Doshas...

It’s not just about ONE single dosha - we all have pieces of each element, each dosha within us.  No one can tell you who you are; that’s your own mission, your own journey on this planet.  This information is helpful if you identify as primarily Kapha.


The Kapha dosha is responsible for providing structure and stability to the body and mind. It is associated with qualities such as heaviness, moisture, and coolness, and governs functions such as immunity, strength, and growth. When in balance, Kapha can promote a sense of calm and groundedness, but when in excess, it can lead to stagnation, lethargy, and stubbornness.
Kapha Attributes


Common kapha attributes include being calm, nurturing, and grounded, with a tendency towards stability, endurance, and a slower metabolism. Kapha individuals tend to have a heavier build, smooth and radiant skin, and a need for physical activity to maintain their balance.

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In Ayurveda, balance of the doshas is considered essential to maintaining good health, and achieving balance requires a holistic approach that includes diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies, and other therapeutic practices.

What does Kapha look like in and out of balance?

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