Pitta Dosha

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“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” Robert Urich

The attributes of Pitta are born from the two elements of Fire and Water. The element of fire is presented as heat in the blood and plasma that provides life force and is the backbone for the transformative properties in the body. The element of water is cool and soothing and provides the body protection from heat and movement. While these two elements may seem like they would cancel each other out or be contradictory to each other, they actually work in harmony together. The fire element ensures that the body doesn’t accumulate excess water (oil, fluids, etc.) while the water element works to protect the body and its systems from the powerful and passionate force of fire.

“The brilliance of a raging fire dragon in the city of sparkling gems - such is the nature of Pitta.” - Maya Tiwari


The Pitta dosha is responsible for passion and metabolism. Pitta is the manager of energy, the motivation, the force that ‘gets things done.’ This dosha is associated with qualities such as hot/heat, precision, penetrating, oily, fast, and irritable. When in balance, Pitta promotes understanding, intelligence, and quick thinking. When Pitta is in excess (out of balance), you’ll notice heartburn, feeling of fever, and extreme competitiveness.
Pitta Attributes


Common pitta attributes include being intelligent, goal-oriented, and confident. Pitta individuals tend to have a strong digestion, warm body temperature, and a tendency towards oily skin and hair.

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In Ayurveda, balance of the doshas is considered essential to maintaining good health, and achieving balance requires a holistic approach that includes diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies, and other therapeutic practices.

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A Note on Doshas...

It’s not just about ONE single dosha - we all have pieces of each element, each dosha within us.  No one can tell you who you are; that’s your own mission, your own journey on this planet.  This information is helpful if you identify as primarily Pitta.
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