September 19, 2023

Sound Bath with Monika Marketos, September 19

Sound Bath with Monika Marketos

The Healing Power of Sound

Join us on Tuesday, September 19th at 6 pm for a Sound Bath experience with local expert Monika Marketos, @har_monika.  This transformative experience of sound healing with crystal bowls, out-of-this-world sounding chimes, rainsticks, and more will provide you with deep relaxation and a great night of sleep.

Follow her on Instagram (@har_monika) or TikTok (@bringmesound).  


*If you'd like to attend the class, we ask that you register so that we can plan appropriately.  If we don't have at least 4 people per class, we can not execute, so registering ensures we can host the class!

*We've found that it's best to wear clothes that are comfortable for you - you want to be as relaxed as possible. We have a small supply of blankets and yoga mats for you to use, but welcome bringing your own items as well. A lot of people have also liked to bring a water bottle, an eye cover, a pillow (head and/or knees), and a blanket for covering.


A review from one of Monika's recent class participants says it all: “I feel calmer and more at peace today than I've felt in months. Thank you so much to my dear friend Monika. She holds an amazing Sound Bath class that utilizes crystal bowls with different healing sound frequencies. The sounds tap into your chakras and energy which calm and relax you. Yesterday was my first experience and it wiped away so much stress and anxiety that I desperately needed to be lifted. I honestly feel like a 50lb bag of stress has been removed from my back.” -@ocean.state.cate