September 13, 2022

ūüĎä Ayurvedic Cleansing Techniques


Ayurvedic Cleanse Techniques

Everywhere we turn, we see the cleanse as a key ingredient to achieving optimal health. So how do we know which to choose and what information we can trust? New trendy cleanses may offer a quick one-off or have fad appeal whereas science based Ayurvedic cleanse techniques have been around for thousands of years to cleanse deeply but also to cleanse daily.

Farmtrue products for an ayurvedic cleanse
Farmtrue products for an Ayurvedic cleanse

Ayurvedic Cleanse Techniques

Ayurvedic medicine recognizes that an essential part of balanced health is ensuring that we are building healthy tissue through a nourishing diet and also eliminating toxins that we may accumulate through unwholesome food and a stressful, toxic environment. The more these toxins build up, the more likely we are to experience imbalances within our body. Beyond just food choices, toxins also become stored in the body through mental and emotional stress. Ayurvedic cleansing techniques help to release toxins from the body and mind to maintain optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

When Should I Cleanse?

Traditional Ayurvedic cleanses are recommended twice a year. Spring cleansing is the perfect time to shift the winter diet, eliminate excess mucus and reduce water retention. The second is in the fall, to rid the body of the excess summer heat and prepare for cooler months ahead.

Ayurvedic cleansing techniques are not about deprivation or restriction of calories. Instead, the approach includes incorporating seasonally appropriate foods and health supportive lifestyle routines. Because we experience life through our 5 senses, keeping our sense organs clean helps to ensure we receive and digest all sensory impressions in the best possible way.

Signs of excess toxins:

  • Feel sluggish and lethargic, mind & body
  • Have mucus buildup in sinuses, urine, stools, respiratory system
  • Visible thick white coating on your tongue
  • Experiencing food cravings
  • Have skin rashes or acne
  • Experiencing Brain fog
  • Feeling achy

Tips to Support Cleansing

Below are some simple, mindful routines that you can incorporate into your day.

Eat Seasonally. By eating warming, grounding, and oily foods in the fall & winter, we experience less dryness, bloating, and constipation. A lighter, cleansing, warming diet in the spring helps to alleviate sluggish, slow digestion. A cooling diet in the summer will balance the heat and hyperacidity in digestion.

Seasonal foods to include in the Fall

Beets, apples, celery root, avocado, sweet potatoes, winter squash, dates, lemons, oats, almonds, basmati rice, warming spices such as: ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon.
Kitchari - a traditional Ayurvedic one-pot dish consisting of easily digestible mung beans, basmati rice, and spices to increase your digestive fire and burn toxins.

Tongue scraping - a technique for ayurvedic cleansing
  • Add Farmtrue Cleansing Spice to your food including Brown Mustard seeds, Turmeric, Cumin, Fenugreek, Coriander, Ginger, Asafoetida, Cilantro, Red Pepper to spark your digestive fire and enhance metabolism.
  • Eat warm, cooked more easily digestible food.
  • Sip warm water to flush the system of excess congestion.
  • Dry brush with our Garshana Gloves before showering to promote movement of lymphatic fluid.
  • Enjoy a self-massage with Farmtrue Body Massage Oil after dry brushing to promote circulation, purification, and rejuvenation.
    Scrape your tongue followed by our Peppermint Pulling Oil upon waking to cleanse the excess coating or accumulation of night time toxins.
  • Cook with Farmtrue Grass-fed Ghee and stir into your tea & coffee - as an alkaline oil, ghee is naturally cleansing and helps to optimize digestion and elimination.
  • Neti to rinse followed by Farmtrue Nasya Oil to purify the nasal passages, prevent dryness and support healthy sinuses.
  • Gaze at our Meditation Ghee Candle to refocus and clear the mind.
  • Move your body: walk, practice yoga, stretch, and breath. Exercise and mindful breath work are beneficial for detoxifying the body and clearing mind.
  • Take a social media detox to reduce screen time and take a break from the EMF‚Äôs.
  • Get quiet in nature to slow down and reconnect with yourself and the planet.
  • Meditate! Get centered and engage daily in the practice of letting go.

The takeaway? Look to tried and true deeper cleanses as an addition to your daily holistic cleansing practice. For us, Ayurveda offers the perfect cleansing lifestyle to balance mind, body and spirit with an emphasis on nourishment & digestion. The good news is you can get started with small daily brushstrokes of mindful actions and moving into deeper Ayurvedic cleansing techniques when ready. With Ayurveda, you are fully in charge of your well-being and we love being on this journey with you!


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