August 4, 2020

8+ Tips for Healthy Eating ūü•ó


Mindful Eating

Healthy food practices are not only about what we eat, but also, how we eat. Both are necessary to ensure healthy digestion. The quality of our food and how well we digest it determines how our bodies build healthy tissue and eliminate toxins.

Ayurveda teaches us that all imbalances begin in the digestive system. Knowing this, below are some simple tips and mindful practices we recommend to improve your eating experience!

  • Chew your food well. Thoroughly chewing your food signals to your digestive system that it‚Äôs time to work.
  • Eat slowly and in a calm environment without distraction.
  • Eat seasonally and opt for local produce when available ‚Äď warm, nourishing food in the winter; light, cleansing food in the spring, and cooling food during the summer.
  • Spice your food to add flavor and enhance digestion. Herbs and spices go beyond just making your food taste good, but the medicinal properties of certain plants can assist digestion.
  • Favor eating warm, cooked foods over raw foods, as it requires more digestive strength to essentially cook the raw foods in our system.
  • Limit water intake while eating so as to not dampen digestive fire. Drinking little water with meals; about ¬Ĺ cup
  • Drink warm water as opposed to ice water, which can cause the digestive system to contract
  • Use proper oils such as ghee.
  • Eat foods appropriate for your mind/body type
  • Never eat when you are upset or in an agitated state as it prohibits the ease of digestion.
  • Allowing the stomach to empty before taking in more food
  • Eat with the intention of appreciating the food that you are consuming, even if it is not the healthiest option.

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