Kapha Dosha Attributes

Soft and Smooth • Cold • Oily • Stable • Slow • Loyal

Attributes of the Kapha Dosha

Like increases like and opposite qualities will balance.

Kapha Personality Traits

Kapha as a dosha is a combination of earth and water. Those with Kapha dominant constitutions are very compassionate and loving – think of the friend that you just love getting a hug from. ⁣They tend to be sentimental and love to kick back and relax. They are very easy going and are fine doing what the group wants to do. When in balance, they typically have a stronger immune system and plenty of physical and mental endurance. ⁣⁣

Kaphas are the space holders. They offer so much earth and water for people to land. Kaphas are very easy to talk to and people tend to trust them with their troubles and secrets.  They have steady minds that can concentrate on a wide range of issues at a time and  tend to have excellent memories once the facts have been assimilated. This love of stability can present issues in ignoring signals for a change, and can avoid challenging situations in order to maintain the status quo and protect their conservative instincts.  

They may not always show their struggle because it’s in their nature to care for others a little more. If you’re a Kapha, don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. Just because you’re strong and loyal, doesn’t mean you have to hold it all alone.

Typical Kapha Characteristics

Kapha sounds like...


Moist, soft, deep, calm
Speaks slowly

Other noises

Heavy footfall, tendency to snore

Kapha feels like...


Cool, strong, slow, regular


Soft, regular circulation, cool skin that feels damp
Dense, oily, smooth, clear

Kapha's appearance can be...

Physical Frame

Physical build is influenced by the shape of the earth
Strong, large, big bones, a stocky, solid build
Wide hips, shoulders, short, stubby fingers


Tends to excess body weight
Difficulty in losing weight


Healthy, thick, oily, smooth
Burns in the sun but will soon tans
Moist mucous membrane, hair and skin
Well lubricated
Pale or fair with a gleam


Often brown, shiny, abundant, thick, wavy, can be oily
Can have a very hairy body


Large, thick, strong, square, and symmetrical
White, soft, clear


Big, sensual, usually brown
Large and oval with clear white sclera
Bushy eyebrows, thick lashes


Thick, swollen, flabby, often with teeth marks
Pale with thick white coating


Moderate, sweet aroma
Sweats easily with exercise

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Kapha's habits can look like...


Stable appetite, slow digestion
Loves food, may comfort eat
Regular but sluggish bowel movements


Heavy sleep of 8 or more hours
Difficulty in waking; calm, smooth, and emotional dreams
Prefers a soft bed and medium amount of covers

Energy Levels

Nervous system moves slowly influencing thoughts and body motion
Solid, consistent levels
Reluctant to expend energy
Would rather drive than walk

Sex Drive

Steady sexual appetite
Very loving and compassionate
Excellent fertility

Temperature Needs

Body Temperature is cold when there is no external source of heat
Feels cool and wears soft, comfy clothes
Likes warm food and warm drinks
Likes warm but dry climate

Mood and Emotions

Influenced by the shape of water
Dislikes the climate when it is too cold or too hot
When balanced, supportive and strong
When imbalance, greedy and lazy
Mind is not clear
Tendency to hold onto emotions and physical objects
Earth is highly concentrated
High resistance to pain and injury
Difficult to emotionally excite
Loving, magnetic, devoted and supportive, often looked at maternal

Kapha's optimal timing is...


Morning (a damp and dewy time)
Predominantly 7-11 am and 7-11pm


Winter and early spring


Childhood (children are soft, loving, and cuddly)

Kapha tastes tend towards...


Sweet, Salty, Sour


Pungent, Bitter, Astringent

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