July 23, 2020

Ayurveda Morning Routine ūüĆÖ


Finding your Ayurvedic Morning Routine

Morning routines are often spoken about as the key to successful days. How we set the tone of our mornings can affect how we show up the rest of the day. Do you have your phone as an alarm clock and is it the first thing you see? Do you then lay in bed scrolling through social media and the news? The next thing you know an hour has passed. Self-care may go out the window at this point as coffee and putting on clothes before getting to work takes priority.

Ayurveda even looks at the times of day as the cycle to our life. The morning is related to our birth. If we start to see our mornings as the beginning, the birthing process before the day, perhaps it will encourage us to take greater care.

Bullet proof your Ayurvedic Morning Routine with tools and tonics

One simple way to get started in the morning is to scrape your tongue, back to front, rinsing in between. This will tell you how well (or not well) your digestion is working and will remove excess undigested toxins from your tongue. Follow oil pulling and then brushing your teeth as usual. We also recommend performing a gentle body dry brush and oil massage. Using garshana gloves to exfoliate the skin, move lymph, increase circulation and follow with a self-oil massage will deeply hydrate and nourish your skin and your tissues. Let the oil sit up to 20 minutes before showering to maximize the benefits.

Bulletproof Coffee

Is Coffee part of the Ayurvedic Morning Routine?

One of the guiding practices of Ayurveda is tuning into your body and listening to what it needs. Sometimes having coffee first thing in the morning is more about the ritual of the process of making something warm. Sometimes it is beneficial and sometimes it isn’t. Because coffee is bitter, dehydrating and depleting of our reserves when we already wake up dehydrated, it’s recommended to drink warm water with lemon before your morning coffee/tonic. Beginning your day with plain hot water and adding a lemon or lime helps to hydrate, cleanse the digestive tract, stimulate a bowel movement and wake up our digestive fire.

If you wake up feeling anxious and depleted, consider less caffeine and opt for herbal tea with a teaspoon of Farmtrue Ghee or try Farmtrue’s Superfuel Golden Milk Latte.

If you wake up feeling irritable and overheated, consider a cooling caffeine option such as matcha . Add steamed milk or water of your choice and blend with a date or maple syrup. Vanilla maple chai ghee works well here too!

If you wake up feeling depressed and heavy, a cup of coffee may be ok for you! If you are dehydrated or your digestion has become dependent on it to get moving, opt for a green tea or chaga to help get charged naturally.


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