December 11, 2020

Our Purity Promise


Farmtrue promises “to eat, live, and act with more care.”

After studying together at the California College of Ayurveda, founders Kim and Lynn were deeply inspired and strongly pulled to share this ancient wisdom within their own communities and beyond, using ghee as the vehicle to start the wellness conversation about the overarching health benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Ayurveda is based on the principle that there is a strong connection between our lifestyle choices and our health, and what we eat affects the wellbeing of our body, mind, and spirit. At Farmtrue, there is a deep commitment to align people with food and self-care that is seasonally appropriate while connecting people to the source. By handpicking, sourcing, and creating our ingredients and products, we hope you’ll feel our promise “to eat, live, and act with more care.”

Farmtrue Purity Promise

Pure Ingredients

Our grass-fed butter is sourced from family-owned certified organic, and certified humane US dairy farms to ensure that our ghee is rich with antioxidants and vitamins that will help bring balance back to your body and mind.  Many other Farmtrue ingredients we grow ourselves at our North Stonington, CT location, and the rest are sourced locally whenever possible with purity, freshness, and sustainability as a priority.

We do not incorporate any harmful additives or preservatives in any of our products. Because of the clarity and freshness of our products, we advise a shelf life of 6 months to one year( depending on the product) from the time it’s created and best used within 3 months after opening for optimal freshness and therapeutic benefits. This date is marked on the bottom of every bottle and jar. On some products, we may suggest refrigeration to help prolong the freshness and shelf life.

We approach our skincare in the same way we do our food; we believe it’s worth the extra effort to ensure that all of our products are nourishing and digestible food for the skin.  The closer our products are enjoyed to the time they are made, the higher the levels of nutrients and botanical potency they offer. You’ll notice a difference in Farmtrue products because of this and you will begin to fall in love with caring for yourself daily using our luxurious Ayurvedic skincare line.

Pure Passion

Our products are made by people instead of machines.  We use simple techniques in our North Stonington, CT based kitchen to provide the purest Ayurvedic products possible.  Our team creates products in micro-batches and then hand pours and labels every item.  This process allows us to monitor each and every product closely to ensure that what you order has been truly cared for.

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