December 11, 2020

What's Growing in Our Garden? || Farmtrue Favorites


We Love Our Garden

We recognize that our connection to nature brings us so much closer to ourselves. One of our desires when starting Farmtrue was to stay as connected to the land as possible. Which is why we’re so thrilled to grow a selection of Ayurvedic herbs & botanicals on our rural North Stonington property. From our soil to your home – we’re honored to hand grow, hand pick, hand dry and hand mix organic and sustainable bounty into our small-batch products.

In 2016 Farmtrue acquired one of North Stonington’s oldest farms. Originally a small town dairy creamery, the farm delivered farm fresh dairy by horse and carriage to neighboring towns. While we leave the dairy farming up to the farmers, we feel so fortunate to have incorporated new life, with a similar dairy connection, into this special property.

Two years ago we broke ground, cleared our upper field and created our first Farmtrue garden, abundant with elderberry, high bush blueberry, lavender and white sage. Eventually we expanded to include other Ayurvedic herbs such as tulsi basil, gotu kola, calendula and lemongrass which you’ll find in our Smudge, Nourish Stick and Ghee Soap.

Our Garderner Extraordinaire

We couldn’t have done it without Barbara Young, our Gardener Extraordinaire who heads up our gardening program. She was such a great resource for us in launching this project.  Barbara truly understands the value of knowing your ingredient source from growing to harvesting, and cooking. As an avid cook who also happens to love our ghee, she is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about sustainable growing. She shares our appreciation on the importance of knowing the origin of your ingredients and tends to our garden year around.

Pick, learn and use! Eventually we hope to open up the gardens as an educational tool to help create an understanding and appreciation of the mind, body spirit connection with Ayurvedic herbs. We feel gardens are the perfect vehicle to highlight connection to the earth as a vehicle to promote well-being. With a certified kitchen on the premises, we plan to eventually host root to plate experiential classes – harvesting, learning about the herbs and cooking food or preparing products with our guidance.

Our Goal

We have big plans for the upcoming year. Our goal is to grow as many varieties of medicinal herbs as possible with the hope of eventual organic certification of the garden. We’re really looking forward to 2021, when we can hopefully open up and bring our community together through education of herbs and botanicals. From start to finish, the reward is experiencing the process and ultimately the harvest.

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