Pitta Dosha Attributes

Hot • Sharp • Intense • Oily • Fast • Irritable

Attributes of the Pitta Dosha

Like increases like and opposite qualities will balance.

Pitta Personality Traits

Pitta as a dosha is a combination of fire andwater. The Pitta force controls digestion, metabolism, and passion - the forcesof transformation.  Naturally fire andwater appear to be a contradictory pair. Ayurveda teaches us, however, thatlike qualities increase similar qualities, and opposites will balance eachother.  The water or oil in the bodyhelps to preserve the tissues from the hot fire and its potentially damagingeffects.  The fire helps to ensure thatthe water or oil in the body will not accumulate in excess.     

Those with Pitta dominant constitutions are the ‘managers’ and the planners; they thrive when things are getting done.  They are full of vitality and are charming and charismatic leaders who love to be the center of attention. Think of the person who is fun to be around because they are dynamic and colorful.  They are passionate about their goals, being a strong leader, and being organized. With this passion and drive, a pitta can be too focused on their own development which can appear as being intolerant of change, impatient with others, competitive and sometimes bubble over into irritability.  

Typical Pitta Characteristics

Pitta sounds like...


Loud, sharp, precise, focused, persuasive, dominating, penetrating

Other noises


Pitta feels like...


Warm, soft, regular, wiry, strong


Hot flushes, warm hands, moist skin, moderately oily, soft

Pitta's appearance can be...

Physical Frame

Medium, balanced build with defined muscles
Athletic body of medium height


Average weight for build


Delicate but easily irritated and often red; flushes easily
Intolerant to sun; will sunburn easily
Tendency for freckles, moles, rashes, and acne
Freckled, moles, yellowish/reddish, rashes, pimples


Straight, blond, brown, or red, thin
Often early graying with early balding


Soft, strong, pliable with deep red nail beds


Light color; easily bloodshot
Sharp, piercing, and sensitive to light
Balanced eyebrows and lashes


Medium-sized tongue, often with a pointed red tip
Bright red or purple in color with a yellowish coating


Strong and pungent smell
Sweats profusely in hot weather

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Pitta's habits can look like...


Fierce appetite, easily irritable if hungry
Can suffer from heartburn and acidity
Rarely constipated but tends towards loose stools


Sleeps well
Often night owls to their detriment
May have intense, colorful dreams involving action

Energy Levels

Good energy levels that are regular and consistent
Can becoming addicted to the “buzz” of working

Sex Drive

Strong sexual appetite
Good fertility

Temperature Needs

Feels warm and wears thin, light clothes
Prefers cool drinks and some raw food
Like cool and mild weather
Dislikes a hot and humid climate

Mood and Emotions

When balance, positive and playful; When imbalance, aggressive andoverly competitiveGoes for what they want and are irritable if theydon’t get it

Pitta's optimal timing is...


Morning (coolest parts of the day)


Winter and early spring


Midlife, between 16-50 years of age: the time to organize, manage,  work hard, build a career, have a family

Pitta tastes tend towards…


Sour, Salty, Pungent


Bitter, Astringent, Sweet

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