Lynn Goodwin

Co-Founder, Farmtrue

Lynn Goodwin is co-founder of Farmtrue, a leading Ayurvedic company creating organic ghee, food, self-care, and lifestyle products. Originally introduced to her through nutrition school and yoga teacher training, Lynn’s path to Ayurveda began to blossom when she started to implement the ancient practices and notice a positive shift in how she was feeling. The teachings of a mind, body, spirit approach to healing truly resonated with her and set the course for living a more deeply connected and fulfilling life. A serendipitous meeting with Kim during a local Ayurvedic workshop, they connected and began to study Ayurveda formally at The California College of Ayurveda. After completion of that program, Lynn and Kim were deeply inspired and strongly pulled to share this ancient wisdom within their own communities and beyond, using ghee as the vehicle to start the wellness conversation. Farmtrue was truly born with the intent to help others act, eat, and live with more care.

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