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Moona Veda

Guided by the Wisdom of Ayurveda | Inspired by the Magic of the Moon

Embark on a journey of self-care and connection with Moona Veda, the latest evolution of Farmtrue's commitment to holistic wellness. Rooted in the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, Moona Veda emerges as a radiant sister brand, dedicated to nurturing your inner harmony through our Ayurvedic remedy and self-care line.  

This next iteration of Farmtrue isn’t just about the products,  it’s about creating a safe and supportive learning environment for our healing community!  This new sister brand and space will allow us to bring to life a customizable Ayurvedic remedy line, expanded educational offerings, and hands-on DIY workshops. Those who are on a healing path and are looking for a deeper understanding of Ayurveda will be supported within this new Moona community.

While the ghee and food line will continue to grow under the Farmtrue name, we will be transitioning all of our self-care products over to the Moona Veda sister brand, while still keeping the same nourishing, organic Ayurvedic-based formulas. We value your trust in Farmtrue for our commitment to using ethically sourced, organic, and therapeutic-grade ingredients.

Wisdom of Ayurveda

The wisdom of Ayurveda guides us to align with nature's seasonal cycles, including the solar and lunar cycles. Ayurveda believes that all of the seasonal changes along with the rising Sun and the presence of the Moon have energy and balancing benefits. These natural energies can be used to support our physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual vitality and longevity. Ayurveda doesn’t have a right and wrong; it’s about balance and harmony- adjusting our lifestyle, routines, and daily practices to how we are feeling during that season, or that time of our life. To live in harmony and feel our best, Ayurveda looks to our individual constitution and the natural gifts we are given through powerful plant medicine. We hope that in sharing this Ayurvedic wisdom, it will empower and inspire the community to live a more balanced and health-filled life.


Committed to Purity and Ethics

At Moona Veda, our dedication goes beyond skin deep. We are committed to providing products that are not only effective but also ethically and responsibly made. Each item in our line is thoughtfully crafted with organic ingredients, ensuring the utmost purity and quality. Proudly made in North Stonington, CT, USA, we adhere to stringent standards, guaranteeing non-GMO and cruelty-free formulations. This commitment reflects our core belief in respecting nature, animals, and our community. With Moona Veda, you're choosing more than just skincare; you're embracing a philosophy of care that values sustainability, kindness, and the integrity of every ingredient. Our products are made by people instead of machines using simple methods such as stove-top cooking, sifting, and blending. We hand-pour and hand-label every product which allows us to monitor the process closely to ensure that the products you order have been truly cared for.
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Wellness Community

Experiencing Ayurveda through Education, Support, and Workshops

When on the path to healing and wellness, it can feel lonely.  We are excited to be offering more education and workshops to support and assist you on your healing journey.  Connection is one of the most important tools in nature and we recognize that its become harder and harder to find that. We want to be there for you when its difficult and also when it's time to celebrate!

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements about what’s to come from the Moona Veda community!
Holistic Self-Care

Moona Veda will be your source for whole-body Ayurvedic wellness that begins from within and allows your true beauty to shine. The first round of products to transition over to the Moona Veda brand will be the Ayurvedic Face Care line. We will continue to use the healing power of Ayurveda in our formulas by honoring the celestial and earthly seasons while considering the Doshas and lunar phases.

Events + Workshops
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Taking a dosha quiz can be an insightful and empowering experience, helping individuals gain a deeper understanding of their unique mind-body type and how to optimize their health and wellbeing through personalized diet, lifestyle, and self-care practices.

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