November 12, 2020

ūüćó Ghee Roasted Chicken, an Ayurvedic Comfort Food


Cold days call for warm, nourishing  foods to help ground us and ensure our body gets the nutrients it needs. There are so many comfort foods we crave in the Autumn and winter months- soups and stews, baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and just about everything you see on a Thanksgiving table. One of the most universally loved dishes that we just can’t get enough of as the winter solstice nears is roasted chicken (or turkey!). Head over to our recipe library to get our famous Ghee Roasted Chicken recipe!

Why Ghee Roasted Chicken?

We like to incorporate ghee into every meal not just because of the taste, but because it is so nourishing to our mind body and soul. One of the best ways to get that extra crispy skin and juicy tender meat out of your chicken is to use ghee on the outside and inside of the bird. The golden glisten of a roasted chicken or turkey is something that instantly makes a mouth water. Ghee is a healthy fat that nourishes your tissues, helps deliver nutrients deeper into your body, and is full of vitamins. It’s lactose, casein, and gluten free and considered a staple in a paleo diet. Our Ghee Roasted Chicken recipe can also be used for your next Cornish Hen or Quail, not to mention your Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey dinner.

herbs and ghee for chicken ghee roast

Bringing out the flavors

The key to roasting any bird is using a fat source to help bring out the natural flavors and enhance the texture. When the ghee mixture is applied under the skin (in between the skin and meat) and on top of the skin, it helps to lock in the moisture and natural juices of the bird while getting that skin extra crispy. The balance of the moist and tender meat with the crispy, crackling skin makes for the perfect bite. You can create unique flavors with whatever herbs and spices you have on hand to mix with your ghee for basting. Try one of our spice blends mixed with ghee on your next roast chicken, hen, or turkey!  All of that flavor that is created from the drippings, ghee, and herbs also will make for the most delicious and savory bone broth, great for pacifying Vata dosha.

Don’t forget the sides!

garlic ghee

To compliment your ghee roasted chicken or turkey, you use the ghee in the side dishes you like to serve. Include our Garlic Scape Ghee in place of butter in your mashed potatoes to add an extra layer of complex flavor. Roast your carrots, parsnips, and beets with the Vanilla Maple Chai Ghee to bring out the natural sweetness of those winter root vegetables and get a beautiful deep caramelization.

View our recipe for Ghee Roasted Chicken in our recipe library.


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